Legrand Wolf & Lucas Ryder – Follow Up Visit

Pornstars: Legrand Wolf, Lucas Ryder

Producer: Fun Size Boys

Lucas rushed to book a follow-up appointment as soon as he left his initial visit with Dr. Wolf. Dr. Wolf hadn’t suggested that he need one, but Lucas was still buzzing with excitement! He’d never been touched like that before and it had made him feel completely open and relaxed. It was a safe place for him to explore his sexuality and he was eager to come back. About a month passed before he returned. Dr. Wolf was pleased to see his name on his list of patients for the day. He saw the reason for the visit listed simply as “follow-up.” He knew the boy was in perfectly good health, but was happy to see him nonetheless! Lucas waited patiently for his name to be called when he arrived at the office. His foot was tapping and his hands were fidgety. He knew the giant himself, Dr. Wolf was preparing for him on the other side of the waiting room’s wall. And it took all his focus to not pop a woody right there… Stepping into the doctor’s office, he saw the gentle smile and kind eyes of the friendly medic. He looked so handsome sitting at his desk, shirt and tie put together and presentable. It was funny to think someone who looked so clean cut and professional could illicit his wildest fantasies. But then again, the older man had felt his insides like no one else had.


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