Conference Hotel Fun – Legrand Wolf & Jay James

Pornstars: Jay James, Legrand Wolf

Producer: Fun Size Boys

The courtship of Dr. Wolf and Jay continues as the young bottom gets comfortable in the tall man’s hotel room. The doctor’s conference keeps him out of room most of the day, leaving Jay to wait patiently and eagerly for his handsome host to return. As soon as he comes through the door, it’s hard for Jay to resist throwing himself at the doctor and begging for his cock! Even though Dr. Wolf is exhausted after a long day, he always has the energy to give it to his sexy guest… Dr. Wolf helps Jay get out of his clothes, watching as his smooth, athletic body emerges from his baggy shirt and jeans. Jay’s tiny body often swims in his clothes, giving his cock plenty of room to grow unhindered. With his jeans hitting the floor, Dr. Wolf can see just how excited Jay is to see him, making his own cock desperate to come out.


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