Aiden Ward & Lane Colten

Pornstars: Aiden Ward, Lane Colten

Producer: Cocky Boys

Aiden Ward and CockyBoys Exclusive Lane Colten have fun in a sling, which results in an explosive climax! The sling is a kinky surprise Aiden has for Lane who’s excited to try it out the second it’s unveiled. First things first, though as the guys go down on each other, which takes some time given their big dicks–and the sling actually comes in handy too. Once Aiden’s cock is hard and juicy, he makes his move eating out Lane’s hole and fucking him from behind, but he also starts to make use of the sling to heighten the intense fun. Lane is especially into being a position so Aiden can pleasure his cock and hole every which way. And soon he eases right into lying back in the sling to give Aiden full control. In addition to giving Lane a mid-air taking, Aiden’s top prowess comes into focus—he uses control to good effect by sucking and stroking Lane as he fucks him and pounding him just as Lane wants. This results in a what may one of the biggest cum loads in recent memory. Aiden soon shoots too and breeds Lane into another state of euphoria. As they kiss again, Lane lets Aide know that was the “best surprise ever!”


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