Mason: Altar Training – Mason Anderson and Father Fiore

Pornstars: Mason Anderson

Producer: Yes Father

When Father Fiore gets his first moment alone with young Mason, he is sure he has found his perfect disciple. The boy displays all the traits of a young man who is willing to tap into Fiore’s deepest desires, but there are a few things the ravenous priest needs to know first. Will the boy be able to keep a secret is at the top of his list? It is not a question of will he be able to keep his mouth shut. It’s a question of – can he avoid any tells that there is some secret passion brewing between them. After all, if anyone were to discover their romance, there would be hell to pay… Mason is blissfully unaware of the calculations Fiore makes as he sizes the young man up. All he knows is that he has recently been sent to a Catholic school for troubled boys, one whose mission is to mold him into a respectful, God-fearing member of greater society. Perhaps he can even be useful to the world, create something, help another struggling soul reach salvation. There is no telling what he can do if his potential is properly tapped, and Mason truly hopes he is able to reach inside of himself and change for the better. But as Fiore approaches him to praise the boy for his calm and collected demeanor, Mason senses a strange turn in the air. Suddenly, he feels Fiore’s eyes crawling from his toes to the tip of his head, examining every corner of his young body. He is unsure what it all means. Perhaps this is what it takes to become an altar boy. Perhaps his physical form must be aligned with his spirituality to properly serve God at the school. Whatever it is, Fiore is paying much attention to the boy’s looks, and is making a big deal out of his keenly quaffed hair-do. The boy, of course, is flattered, but if he was nervous before, he is now completely on edge. Fiore can sense the discomfort and uses the moment of confusion to make his move. He steps towards the boy, brushing his lips lightly against his in a sweet pop kiss. Mason is caught off guard, shocked by the display of physical affection. But as Fiore moves in for a second kiss, Mason begins to understand. Desires suddenly arise within him that he has never experienced before. And as he lets go, Fiore overtakes him. The priest reveals his thick cock, letting the boy lick it tenderly before bending him over. Then, he invites Mason to climb on top of him, sit on his hard boner, and bounce up and down as he grunts and tries to process the overwhelming sensation in his young body. The boy’s virgin hole squeezes Fiore’s shaft and brings him close to climax until finally he explodes in passion, shooting his hot sperm before swearing the boy to secrecy. This singular moment is between the priest, the boy, and God…


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