Marcus: In The Dormitory – Marcus Rivers, Father Romeo and Father Gallo

Pornstars: Marcus Rivers

Producer: Yes Father

Little Marcus is so innocent and pure that the priests have come to expect the best out of him at all times. There has never been a moment when they have questioned his intentions or suspected him of any ill will. In fact, he is so righteous that they are not sure whether he will reciprocate the affection they shower him with. Maybe if they make advances too often, the boy will withdraw. The only way to find out is to do a little bit of digging. They need to see how Marcus is in his off time, when the eyes of the Priesthood aren’t firmly set on him. That is the only way they can learn his true character, and whether or not he will be able to please the priests after all. At night, Father Romeo and Father Gallo enter the boy’s dormitory to search the premises and see if there is any contraband laying about. Of course, they expect to find nothing as the boy’s record is crystal clear. He has never so much as looked the wrong way since he has gotten to St. Patrick’s Catholic School. But nobody is perfect, and as the two men move about the room and stir the boy from his rest, they soon discover that even Marcus can fall under the spell of lustfulness. The priests reach down to inspect Marcus’s crotch under his covers and find that he is hiding a stiff boner in his sheets. But rather than chastise the boy, they offer to help him get rid of it. After all, humans are subject to the winds of desire. Marcus accepts the priests’ help, exposing his thick cock and letting Father Romeo run his tongue down his shaft. He leans back in utter euphoria as he bounces on Father Gallo’s big dick, clutching Romeo’s rod in his hand and jerking it sensually. Then, the priests spitroast the innocent boy and cover him in hot semen. Perhaps little Marcus isn’t as innocent as he seems…


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