Marcus – Chapter 3: Hunky Personal Trainer

Pornstars: Dallas Steele, Marcus Rivers

Producer: Fun Size Boys

Dallas can’t get enough of his little friend, Marcus. The older man can’t help but smile at seeing how bold and proud the boyish bottom stands despite his stature. Marcus is enamored with the muscle giant’s physique, impressed by his size and strength. Taking him out of the tailor’s shop, Dallas offers to give Marcus some special training sessions. Dallas wouldn’t change a thing about his little buddy, but he’ll do anything if it means getting him alone and seeing him sweat! As they start their workout, Dallas is proud of Marcus’ hard work, but also amused by their difference in size. Dallas’ knows his arms extend the entirety of Marcus’ height and his legs are a good foot longer than the tiny boy’s. The daddy’s muscles are broad and developed, making his body dwarf his young guest’s. Dallas can’t help but to show off for his little friend, flexing his big muscles and allowing Marcus to swing from them, barely working hard to keep his little body aloft. Their playful exchanges get more sexual as Marcus sees Dallas’ cock growing hard in his tight, red, coach’s shorts. They try their best to focus on exercises, but it’s not long before the two want to strip off their clothes and fuck!


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