Marcus: Altar Training – Marcus Rivers and Father Oaks

Pornstars: Bill Farnsworth, Marcus Rivers

Producer: Yes Father

All the boys want to be Altar Boys, but we only chose you,” Father Oaks tells young Marcus in the training room. It is the first selection of the year, and selecting Marcus is a definite statement on the Priesthood’s behalf. It is true, every boy hopes to become an Altar Boy, but none of them know the criteria by which they are selected. It is a well-guarded secret, known only to the highest members of the Priesthood, and if word ever were to get out, it would create mayhem amongst the boys. However, their selection of Marcus provides the first clue to the rest of the boys. What can they emulate in Marcus to elevate themselves to the esteemed position of Altar Boy? Suddenly Marcus feels all kinds of attention on him. The priests, who already seemed to watch his every move, have become relentless in their observation. Not only does he feel them physically, but it is almost as though they’ve crept into his mind, watching even his innermost thoughts. He cannot allow himself to risk an impure intention for even an instant while attempting to become the first Altar Boy of the year. The responsibility is far too important and highly regarded for him to fall in front of his peers. If he was to fail, there would be no going back… Thus, as he enters Altar Training with Father Oaks, Marcus is attentive, making sure to absorb every scrap of information he can from the salt and pepper priest. If he misses even one vital step, he could throw everything away in one fell swoop. But if he can properly serve the Priesthood and prove that he is worthy of their nomination, he will become one of the Altar Boys of lore. These boys are raised up and honored as though they themselves are of the divine. Marcus will not miss his chance. Oaks commands the boy to undress him in the ceremonial fashion, letting the boy work his way around his body. Then, Marcus strips off his clothes, letting the priest touch his youthful body. Oaks bends down to kiss the eager-to-please boy before bending the boy over and probing his asshole with a finger. He kisses the boy’s hole and then feeds him his erect cock. Then, he fucks Marcus until he squeals in and shoots a large load of cum on his tummy.


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