Carter: In The Dormitory – Carter Ford, Father Gallo and Father Romeo

Pornstars: Carter Ford

Producer: Yes Father

Time and time again, the priests at St. Patrick’s Catholic School have offered young Carter chances. But time and time again, the boy has failed to get a hold of his sexual urges. They’ve tried everything, talking to him directly, talking to his peers, even disciplining him physically. But no matter what they do, Carter always seems to find his way back to his own cock. Whenever he lays down in bed and catches a glimpse of it, his compulsive reaction is to reach down and wrap his fingers around. There’s nothing he can do to stop it, and at a certain point, he doesn’t want to. Today, Carter’s at it once again, this time after an intense disciplinary session with one of the priests. He knows that he shouldn’t, but he doesn’t care. If it means getting kicked out of school, he’s willing to lose it all. He will not deny himself the pleasure of masturbation. But as his cock grows harder in his hand and he nears orgasm, suddenly, the covers are pulled off of him. To his chagrin, Father Romeo and Father Gallo have been witness to the whole sinful affair. No excuse can make up for this blatant lack of regard for the rules of the school. Carter is sure his number is up. Gallo and Romeo are incensed, but the holy men refuse to give up on Carter. There is too much potential, too much good in this boy to send him packing because he hasn’t learned to control his urges. Instead, they take a more hands-on approach, helping him quell his urges with their bodies. Father Romeo spanks the boy’s ass while he sucks Gallo’s cock, getting ready for deep penetration. Then, Carter bounces on the priest’s meaty dick, while he jerks himself sensually. Sometimes the best way to vanquish sin is to embrace it.


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