Big Doctor & Two Tiny Twinks – Legrand Wolf, Austin Young & Chase Daniels

Pornstars: Austin Young, Chase Daniels, Legrand Wolf

Producer: Fun Size Boys

Chase and Austin are fast asleep in bed together, a giant teddy bear between them, when Dr. Legrand Wolf enters in his loungewear. Sipping his morning coffee, he gazes lovingly down at the sleeping boys, thinking how cherubic they look. He puts down his mug, and gently tugs the blanket off the sleeping Austin. Delighted to find that both slept nude, Dr. Wolf begins to tenderly caress Austin’s small body, cupping his perfect butt and sliding his hands up and down Austin’s smooth skin. Dr. Wolf crosses the room to the other side of the bed, his erection swaying in his flannel pants, to give Chase’s sleeping body the same attention. As Austin starts to awaken, Dr. Wolf turns his focus back on him as they gently kiss, while he strips down to just his T-shirt and socks. As they continue to make out, Dr. Wolf slides his thick, cut cock into the tiny boy as Chase sleeps. The two are silent as Dr. Wolf begins to thrust in and out of the boy, his feet resting on the larger man’s thighs. Dr. Wolf watches Austin’s face as he bites his lip, trying not to make any kind of noise that might awaken Chase. Eventually the boy is too overwhelmed, and Dr. Wolf has to put one of his large hands over Austin’s mouth to silence him.


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